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Design Trends For 2022

With few homes for sale, many homeowners are keeping their current home and remodeling, which adds value and updates an older décor. Several residents within Orange Harbor have remodeled homes or sold to residents who are remodeling to fit their needs.

So, what are the latest remodeling trends for this year and beyond? According to and, the following are the latest:

Colors: Gray, white and beige have been popular color themes for the past 10 years, but designers say floral motifs and a green color palette are becoming popular. Another popular color is Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, which is titled “Very Peri,” a medium blue with a tinge of violet that is also known as lavender blue.

Furniture: Round shapes such as rounded corners on tables and couches and round chair legs are the trend. Angular lines are softening. Mixing an antique piece with more modern furniture is another trend as homeowners use their space for multi-purposes.

Outdoor Spaces: Florida has always been a trend setter for outdoor spaces due to the warm clime, but over the past two years even Florida residents have been embracing outdoor living and finding more uses for porches, patios and Florida rooms. Natural materials and plants are trending to help bring a sense of “calm” to a home and to extend a living space.

Kitchens: Dark counter colors offset by white cabinets is a growing trend. Replacing cabinet doors is popular when a full kitchen remodel is not in the budget. Farmhouse style sinks, under cabinet lighting and touchless faucets continue to be popular this year.

Baths: Double or triple showerheads to meet the needs of each family member are trending along with luxury faucets and handles that make a statement without doing a complete bath remodel.

No matter the décor trends, it is easy to freshen a home by doing simple items such as plant flowers, paint a front door or de-clutter.

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